3 Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter

Regularly changing your air filter in your car can help prevent many problems. While your air filter may not seem like very much, it is the only thing keeping small, damaging particles out of your engine, where they are pushed around causing a great deal of damage. Only by changing your air filter can you keep your car running at its best. There are a few specific benefits to changing the filter:


A dirty, damaged, or worn air filter can cause a large drop in your car's performance. Studies have consistently shown that cars with clean air filters outperform cars with dirty old air filters. A dirty and clogged air filter reduces the amount of air flow available to your car's engine. A limited amount of air in your engine means that your car cannot use the amount of fuel it is meant to, causing a drop in performance as well as other problems.


One of the ways to save money on gas is replacing your air filter regularly. Changing your air filter keeps your car's engine able to operate at its most efficient way. In contrast, if your car's air filter is dirty or damaged, it can limit the amount of air flowing into your car's engine — air that your car needs to burn fuel. Additionally, damaged air filters can allow small particles to enter your car's engine, causing additional problems. Changing air filters regularly can prevent these kinds of problems, so putting it off is a bad idea.


Your car's air filter is responsible for keeping your engine clear of any foreign particles that do not belong inside. Even a small particle, circulated over time, can cause a lot of damage. Of course, the amount of damage will increase over time, especially if more particles manage to get inside. These particles can cause damage to your pistons and cylinders. A tiny particle can cause extremely serious and costly damage. You are much better served preventing the problem by keeping your air filter in good condition so that it is capable of blocking out any harmful substances.

Fortunately, changing your air filter is inexpensive. It is also a simple procedure that you can perform quickly and easily on your own. Check your owner's manual for details on how often to change your air filter, and instructions on how to replace it.