3 Benefits of Coping Molding 3 Benefits of Coping Molding

One of the best techniques for installing molding in a room is coping the molding. Coping molding refers to the way that they are cut along the inside corners. This coping cut is much better than a regular miter saw cut and looks more professional. Many people do not use this type of cut they believe it is difficult to do. However, with some practice, and a coping saw, any DIYer can create this type of cut. 

Coping Molding Hides Seams

A major benefit to using a coping cut is that it hides the seam along the inside corner completely. There is no need to take any extra time to putty the seams or worry about any gap in the seams. 

Keeps Tight Seal in Corner

Another benefit of coping molding in the corners is that the seal it makes with the other molding will not spread apart after time like as is prone with a mitered cut. This gives the coping cut a finished look for many years.

No Measurement Needed

Cutting the coping into the molding does not require any elaborate measurements. You can simply butt one against another and cut out the back of molding material with a coping saw. While some improvements will usually be made, usually with a rattail file, you can cover the room much faster.


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