3 Benefits of Everbearing Strawberry Plants 3 Benefits of Everbearing Strawberry Plants

Everbearing strawberry plants are popular for gardeners who want to grow strawberries indoors, or have a small outdoor garden space. Some of the characteristics of the plants are also its primary benefits such as:

1 - No Runners

Unlike traditional strawberry plants, everbearing strawberry plants don't produce any runners. If you've tried growing strawberry plants before, you know that they shoot runners all over the place, and sometimes into sections of the garden that you don't want them in. That's not a problem with everbearing strawberries.

2 - Easy to Grow in Containers

If you don't have to worry about runners, then you can grow them in containers. If you rent an apartment or are limited in your outdoor space, then you can even grow them inside. When your try to grow regular strawberries in containers, the runners shoot out of them, and you have to put more containers around the plant, or continue to transplant the runners throughout the season.

3 - Two to Three Harvests

You don't stop picking strawberries after the first harvest. It's possible to get two to three harvests from an everbearing strawberry plant. You'll maximize your harvest yield for the time you spend planting and caring for the plant, as opposed to traditional plants that may not produce as much.

Consider growing organic everbearing strawberry plants to get better tasting and healthier strawberries.

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