3 Benefits of Grass Pavers for a Driveway

Grass pavers.

Grass pavers are hollow paving slabs that allow grass or vegetation to be placed into the slots between the concrete. Often laid down in a honeycomb or horizontal pattern, grass pavers can offer users a number of benefits, including improving the look of the driveway, and also benefiting the surrounding areas, too.

1. Drainage

If you have problems with drainage in your driveway, particularly after heavy rain, then grass pavers might be the solution for you. They allow the water to drain down through the soil, rather than sitting upon a concrete surface. This will also help the ground of your surrounding plants, as water is fed back into the ecological system.

2. Appearance

Grass pavers are also perfect if you want to install something attractive in your driveway. The plant features break up what would otherwise be a forbidding and unpleasant area of your garden. The appearance of your grass pavers will also allow you to suit a nearby lawn or grass verge.

3. Maintenance

Unlike other forms of concrete paving, grass paving needs very little maintenance. Regular cutting of the plants, plus occasional weeding and fertilizing will usually be all that is required. Treat the pavers as part of the garden, rather than part of the road.