3 Benefits of Oil Based Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing what kind of paint to use for your kitchen cabinets, an oil based paint is a great option for several reasons. While many choose to go with latex paint, the oil-based paint will work wonders for you and your cabinets. An oil paint has three distinct advantages.

One of the greatest benefits of an oil based paint is its strength and durability in high traffic areas. The kitchen is one of the most traffic areas in a home. Therefore, having a paint that can withstand these busy areas is of the upmost importance for a homeowner.

Another clear advantage of the oil based paint is its ability to go on the surface incredibly smooth. This is nice when painting cabinets, especially when you are painting on wood. It's also much thicker than latex, meaning that it has the ability to reach into the crevasses of the wood that latex cannot reach.

Lastly, oil based paint takes longer to dry. Many don't automatically see this as an benefit, but it is. Because it takes longer to dry, the painter will have more time to work with the paint if he or she makes a mistake.