3 Benefits of Using Mosquito Dunks in Your Pond 3 Benefits of Using Mosquito Dunks in Your Pond

Why should you use mosquito dunks in your pond? Well, summer is a highly anticipated time of year for many, but let's face it - mosquitoes are an annoying part of life in many regions during that season. Especially in and around ponds, which otherwise would be serene and enjoyable places to lounge around and enjoy the relaxing, lazy days of summer with family and friends. Mosquito dunks are basically small round pellets that prevent the growth of mosquito larvae. They can be placed directly inside your pond or any body of water that is not regularly emptied out or cleaned. They can be purchased at most large home and garden chain stores and although there are other mosquito control methods out there, mosquito dunks are a great choice mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Price

They are inexpensive. In most stores a large package of mosquito dunk pellets can be purchased for under $20.

2. Effectiveness

They work quickly and last for a long time. Dunks work by killing the larvae before they turn into the adult mosquitoes that bite. Once you place them in your pond they begin to work within 24 hours and will last up to 30 days in most cases.

3. Safety

They are not harmful to animals so you can use them in ponds as well as animal water troughs.


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