3 Best Choices for Interior Window Trim

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Interior window trim is useful for a number of reasons, including making the window frame look good and preventing any gaps from affecting the heat of your home. Any gaps in the window frame can lead to higher home heating costs.

Interior window trim is fixed around the inside of the window frame to seal the window from the elements. It is important to choose the right type of interior window trim for your windows. Spend time finding the right materials and types of window trim so that you can improve the efficiency and look of your home.

1. Wood

Wooden interior window trim isn't very common anymore, but it is suitable if you have wooden window frames. The wood can be nailed around the inside of the window, and then any remaining gaps can be filled using caulking. The nail holes can be covered using putty.

Wood is a natural material, meaning that you may have to treat the knots. You can then decide to either paint or stain the wood if you want.

Wood is a suitable material for all types of window frame and can easily be tied into pretty much any color scheme and decor.

2. UPVC Plastic

Many modern window frames are made from UPVC plastic. This is a very durable material that doesn't discolor in sunlight, like many other types of plastic. UPVC is a popular choice because it is nearly maintenance free. If you have UPVC windows you might find that UPVC plastic trim is the most suitable. This is very easy to fix around the window frame by gluing it to the wall. It's also very easy to cut.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum window trim is ideal because it's very long lasting and doesn't require much work. This type of trim will encase the entire windowsil, which may or may not be what you're looking for. Aluminum trim is slightly harder to work with because it will need to be cut at a mitre and bent into shape.

When dealing with aluminum trim you will need to use specialist tools to bend and shape the aluminum. This material is normally used for the external trim, although it can also be useful as interior trim.

Aluminum trim can be nailed onto the window frame using small aluminum fixing nails. Any gaps can then be filled with caulking.

Choosing Colors

When deciding on the best choices for window trim you need to think about the color scheme of your room. Only wood and aluminum trim can normally be painted. If you want the trim to be tied in the with look of your room you can choose trim color to suit.

If you're happy with your trim but it's deteriorating over time, here's how to repair it to its former glory.