3 Best Climates for Attic Storage Containers

An attic full of antique clutter.

Not every home is ideally suited for attic storage, but with some modifications, most attics can be made storage-friendly. Before spending money to adapt your home's attic space for storage, read these tips below to find out if your region's climate is one of the 3 best for attic storage.

Dry Cool Winters, Dry Hot Summers

Climates that have low humidity all year round are the very best for attic storage. These include the southwest USA east of the Rocky Mountains and the Central Plains west of the Mississippi River. In these areas, attic insulation will guard against extremes of temperature, and impermeable plastic containers will help withstand insects and other vermin.

Snowy Winters, Dry Cool Summers

Mountain regions have the next-best climate for attic storage. Steep roofs on these homes keep snow off and provide vertical storage space. Be sure the attic is both insulated and ventilated to prevent mold growth in the winter.

Seaside Climate with Strong Prevailing Winds

A seashore home in an area with steady offshore winds is the third most-favored climate for attic storage. Summers can be warm, but they never reach the heat and humidity levels of inland areas. Provide attic ventilation and pack all items in water-resistant or waterproof containers.

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