3 Best Paint Types for Joint Compound 3 Best Paint Types for Joint Compound

Joint compound is also referred to drywall mud and is used to fill cracks and small imperfections. There are considerations to be made before you cover the joint compoind with paint.

1 - Primer

A quality primer should be used to prime a joint compound before a coat of paint is applied to it. This will prevent the joint compound from absorbing the paint at an uneven rate. Once the primer has been applied there are a variety of quality paints that can be used to finish the wall.

2 - Flat Paint

Flat paint is typically less expensive and it hides irregularities better than other paints with more gloss. It creates an even, uniform finish on the wall that helps in blending it to the existing wall paint and in covering the joint compound. This type of paint is not easy to clean. Eggshell paint is easier to clean than flat paint, but it will show more imperfections than flat paint because of its light reflective qualities.

3 - Latex Paint

When choosing a paint to cover joint compound, stay away from any paint with an oil base. The oil in the paint does not breathe well. Choose a latex paint that will help in preventing any loosening or peeling over the compound.


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