3 Best Paints for an Art Mural

Painting an art mural is a perfect alternative to using wallpaper, one of the most important steps is making sure you select the right paint for the job.

Tip 1 - Base Paint

The key when painting a mural is to get the best base for your design, for this you will need to apply an undercoat of paint. Latex paint is a non-toxic, non-flammable paint which is easy to clean up, less likely to peel over time and is quick drying, this makes it ideal for acting as a base for your mural.

Tip 2 - Paint for Main Design

The type of paint best for your main design depends on the type of design you require. If painting a small area, acrylic paints from a craft shop are ideal and are available in a wide range of colours. They are cheap and perfect for working on small designs as they blend easily and can also be mixed with latex paints to create different shades.

For larger designs a quart of tinted latex paint would prove most cost effective, they are available in an array of different finishes, grades, colours and tints which should give great scope for your designs. Latex is also easier to touch up and does not yellow with age, being non-toxic also means they are ideal for usage in childrens’ rooms. Always apply your mural using high quality synthetic bristle brushes.

Tip 3 - Varnish

Once your mural has dried thoroughly in order to protect your design you should finish with a water-based varnish. You should first test whether or not the varnish will work with your paint so do a test piece. If the test works, brush the varnish over the mural in criss-cross movements to ensure maximum coverage.