3 Best Placements for Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Electric hydronic baseboard heaters are fantastic options when looking to heat a room or a series of rooms. It is a safe way to heat the home without the use of any combustible materials. These types of heaters are inexpensive to purchase and very easy to install by the do it yourselfer. After you have purchased your heater, you will need to think about where to place it in the room. Below are a few of the best options.

1: Flush against a Wall

The typical and best option for installing your heater system is flush against the wall, sitting on your flooring (whether carpet, tile, hardwood or other material). The heater mounts to the wall and sits on the floor. The heater controls are wired into your outlet and you're ready to start using the unit.

2: Away from Wall Hangings

Install your heater on a wall that is not next to curtains or wall hangings to prevent any potential fires.

3: Interior Walls

Install your electric hydronic baseboard heater against an interior wall rather than underneath a window or by a door. This will make sure more heat stays in the room, rather than escape through the window sill gaps.