3 Best Uses for a Biscuit Jointer

A biscuit joiner is often called a biscuit jointer. Note, however, that this tool or machine should actually be called a joiner and not be confused as a jointer. While it is a woodworking power tool just like any kind of jointer, a biscuit joiner doesn't cut woodworking pieces. A biscuit joiner only joins pieces of wood together. Nevertheless, a lot of people have already gotten used to calling it a biscuit jointer. But to correct that name, it will be called a biscuit joiner throughout the rest of the article.

What Is a Biscuit Joiner?

As briefly mentioned above, a biscuit joiner joins wood pieces instead of cutting them. It creates smooth and professional edges that can be used for furniture, shelves, cabinetry and even in picture frames. While it is used mainly for joining wood, it still does a bit of cutting. A biscuit joiner cuts slots in the wood where the joint will be done. For example, it will create a slot on the pieces of wood that needs to be joined. Then, you can create a piece of wood—called the biscuit—using this tool that will be inserted into the slots and combine the wood pieces together. That's how a biscuit joiner functions. Of course, it can't complete the job without the help of other materials, such as clamps and woodworking glue. Now that you know a thing or two about biscuit joiners, it's time to learn about the specific uses for this tool in greater detail. Take a look at the 3 best uses of a biscuit joiner below.

1. Working with Beech Wood

A biscuit joiner is the best tool to use when working with beech wood. Beech wood is the most ideal wood for biscuits because of the strength and durability of this material.

2. Using Biscuit Joiners for Tabletops

Biscuit joiners are ideal for joining or attaching boards side by side. An example application would be for joining wood panels to create a table top. The biscuit joiner makes it easy to create a seamless table top, especially if you need one that is wide, long and at the same time thick. Most pieces of wood you'll find in hardware or lumber stores aren't exactly the perfect cut for a table top. Thus, you will have to combine wood panels in order to get the perfect size for your project. By attaching them together with biscuits and with the help of a biscuit joiner, you will be able to achieve the best results.

3. Using Biscuit Joiners for Working with Corners

Again, this is a great piece of tool for combining corners, such as in a drawer or cabinetry. If you are combining two pieces of wood into a corner, it probably won't be as stable or durable without support. With the use of biscuits, you are able to combine wood corners to make a drawer or any other furniture more stable.