3 Best Uses for a Monkey Wrench

A monkey wrench is a very handy tool that is basically an adjustable wrench. The head is very compact and can fit into many tight spaces. The name comes from the man that invented the wrench, Charles Moncky. It was originally spelled "Moncky" like his name, but inevitably it was changed to monkey wrench. Unlike other wrenches the jaws of the monkey wrench are smooth.

1. Nuts and Bolts

Monkey wrenches can be used in many situations. You need to think about how the monkey wrench works to determine if it can be useful in your repair job. If you are using any nut and bolt for your job, a monkey wrench is needed to hold or twist the bolt. You can adjust the wrench so it fits the bolt and twist it until it comes undone. You may need to use a second wrench to hold the nut in place while you unscrew the bolt.

2. Home Repair

If you should need to change your shower head, a monkey wrench can be used to hold the washer that connects the pipes to the valve. Other home repairs that can use this adjustable wrench include tightening locks into place and tightening other objects. A monkey wrench has a long handle so you can put your weight into the wrench to really tighten things into place.

These monkey wrenches come in very handy when you are trying to fix items in the bathroom and kitchen such as toilet seats, drains, the kitchen sink, garbage disposal and more. This is because there are bolts involved as well as piping you will need to unhook. Instead of having many wrenches on hand to help with your repairs you can have one monkey wrench and adjust it accordingly.

3. Engines

Monkey wrenches are great for car repairs. If you should need to loosen the bolts on your tires, a monkey wrench will easily do the job. Nuts and bolts are used in the transmission and engine and the amount they are loosened and tightened will affect the torque and performance of the engine. So you will need to use a wrench to make small adjustments to get the best out of your car engine.

These types of wrenches are necessary if you have an engine you need to maintain. If you own a car, outboard motor, tractor, lawn mower, motor cycle or even a small generator. You should keep at least one monkey wrench with your usual repair tools that you use on engines.


Monkey wrenches come in a progressive set of sizes from very small to large. To make sure you are covered, you'll want to have several  different sizes on hand. When used together, two Monkey wenches provide leverage as you use one to hold the nut and the other to unscrew the bolt.


If you are going to be using the wrench a lot, it is a good idea to invest in a quality monkey wrench. Low-quality wrenches can break just when you are trying to tighten the bolt that last millimeter. To make sure your wrench will last no matter the job, you want a sturdy and durable tool.