3 Best Uses for a Needle Scaler

A needle scaler (or needle gun scaler) is a tool that usually relies on a constant supply of compressed air. On the end of the piston there are long chisel needles that are forced backwards and forwards by the pressure of the air. A needle scaler is capable of rapidly removing and chipping away any debris. It can peel an area back to bare metal in seconds. Needle gun scalers are a major part of the armory of mechanics, metal workers and many other plant workers.

1 – Mechanics

Mechanics use them for a multitude of projects around the shop. They are mainly used in the removal of paint or rust from car body work and engines. A needle gun looks a little like a cross between an over-sized pen and a tattoo gun and is held in both hands for maximum benefit. It is steered toward a surface and the compressed air utilizes the pistons and needles to create a motion that peels paint from metal in milliseconds. They can effectively reduce the amount of time it takes to strip paint from a car and it is excellent for getting into tight spaces and removing rust or paint from areas that are hard to reach. As most cars are susceptible to rust or buildup of gunk underneath the vehicle, some mechanic also use the needle gun to effectively clear the surface back and remove dried-up mud and splash marks from the underside of the body.

2 – Ship Workers

Naval use of needle gun scalers spans across many dimensions. They are also excellent for removing corrosion and old paint from ships and submarines. Everyone will be aware that water and metal in a constant marriage at sea will undoubtedly cause corrosion. Therefore, both interior and exterior fixtures are in need of repair and maintenance. Inside submarines and ships that are steel and metal based, the needle scalers are used to de-scale surface paint so that the bare metal can be re-treated and painted. On-land mooring wenches and other iron or metal structures also benefit from the use of needle scalers to repair the surface for painting.

3 – Bridge Work

There are literally thousands of iron bridges across the country and needle scalers are fast becoming the quickest method of de-scaling the paint and rust from the bridges in an effort to preserve their old frames. Some of the bridges are over one hundred and fifty years old. In order to constantly maintain their excellent condition needle scalers are used to remove oxidation and paint quickly from the surface so that repairs can be carried out effectively.

With time being of the essence, there is a need to repaint such bridges as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage being caused to the bare metal exposure. Iron bridges of historic interest and value require regular maintenance to prevent deterioration in their structure and even though needle scalers can only be used in small areas at one time, they can still outperform many other methods of paint removal when it comes to detailed and hard-to-reach areas on such antiquated structures.