3 Best Uses for a Welded Wire Fence

A welded wire fence has many uses and is easy to set up. The materials are cheap and usually don't rust. Here are three ways you can use a welded wire fence.

1. Protect Your Garden

It's difficult to grow and maintain a garden with small animals always digging it up and stealing your plants and vegetables. Constructing a welded wire fence around the garden should keep them out. Place a stake at each corner of the garden and take measurements. Then put your posts in, making sure they are an equal distance apart. If deer or other large animals are not an issue, then your fence only needs to be about 3 or 4 feet high. With a fence that low you don't have to worry about leaving space for a gate. Next, cut your fencing into sections and begin attaching it to the posts. Do not forget to bury the fence 1 to 2 feet deep to prevent animals from digging or burrowing their way into your garden.

2. Fence in Your Pool

People living in rural and semi-rural areas have woken up to all kinds of animals in their pools–from dogs and cats to deer and even a moose. To keep these critters from throwing their own pool party you can build a 6 foot high welded wire fence. Here is what you do.

Decide how much space around the pool you want to fence in and then place stakes at the four corners. Then take your measurements to find out how much welded wire fencing you will need and where to place your posts. The fence posts should be about 8 feet apart. Next, dig the holes for the fence posts and also dig a 1-foot deep trench in between each post so you can bury the bottom of the fence. Fill the holes with concrete and place the posts. Finally, cut the welded wire fence and start putting it up in sections. You should have someone help hold it taut while you attach the fencing to the posts. Don't forget to make a gate or some other kind of opening so you can still have access to your pool.

A final note: if you are fencing in your pool to keep your children out of harm's way, consult a fencing professional to find out the best materials for the job. A welded wire fence should work, but there are fences specifically designed for this task which may be better. No expense is too great when it comes to your children's safety

3. Build a Tool Cage

If you have kids and a lot of sharp, dangerous tools hanging around, consider building a tool cage in a corner of your shed or garage. First, figure out how much space you will need and take measurements in the corner. Then use 2x4s to frame in the area. Don't forget to include a door in the frame! Once you have the frame up, cut the welded wire fencing into sections to make it more manageable. Have a second person hold one side of the fencing while you screw the other to the frame using a drill. Finally, attach the lock system of your choice and begin moving in your tools.