3 Best Uses for HVLP Spray Paint

HVLP spray paint

With the right tools, an air source, HVLP spray paint, and your creativity, you can have a number of beautifully finished projects. HVLP paint sprayers can be used to apply many different types of primers, paints, and clear wood finishes. With the use of high volume low-pressure air, HVLP paint sprayers create a perfect factory finish.

1. Automobiles

You don’t have to go to a professional shop to get your automobile painted. With automobile paint, a quality HVLP sprayer, and a little elbow grease, you can get the job done yourself. Your automobile must be cleaned and sanded prior to painting. It must also be primed with a primer. The good news is you can use your HVLP sprayer to apply the primer also. Make sure you thoroughly clean it afterward and before you try to add the automobile paint. It is important to note because of the changing environmental laws, it is required in most areas to use HVLP spray paint to paint automobiles.

2. Indoor Home Projects

HVLP spray paint is perfect to use for indoor projects. The major problem with spraying indoors is that paint floats around the room and settles on everything in it. You breathe in the paint mist. To battle this problem, you must take plastic and tape and cover everything to protect it. This takes up time and money in cover materials. The HVLP sprayer reduces this overspray. HVLP spray paint can be used for just about anything indoors. The walls, the floor, kitchen, bathroom cabinets, and doors all can be painted beautiful colors using the HVLP sprayer and the correct paint. Your results will be a fine glossy finish that looks like you paid professionals to do the work.

3. Outdoor Home Projects

House siding, shutters, eaves, and outdoor furniture can all benefit from using HVLP spray paint. There are a wide variety of paints and colors that can be used in your HVLP sprayer to create a beautiful finish. The HVLP sprayer uses a high volume of air at a low pressure to essentially break up the paint into a very fine mist. With the sprayer, the time it normally takes to paint the exterior of your house and the amount of paint that is normally used will be cut by more than half. Make sure you buy the correct paint for the job. For outdoor projects, you want paint that is going to leave a tough surface that will withstand outside extreme temperatures.