3 Best White Paint Types for High Traffic Areas

Painting floors is just like any other painting projects, the only difference is that you need to use a long-lasting paint, considering the fact that floors are high traffic areas in your home. On the other hand, for floors to have a clean look, a lot of homeowners choose white paint to color their floors.The problem with white paint is that it easily undergoes wear and tear, thus if you apply it on floors with high traffic, it will eventually wear off after some time. The parts of your home that receives high traffic include the stairs, kitchen floors and also the porch, thus if you plan to use white paint for these areas, it is important that you know the different types of paints that can withstand human abuse. Here are three white paint types that you can use in high traffic areas.

1. Epoxy Paint

Considered as the toughest type of floor paint that you can buy, white epoxy paint is ideal for floors that get a lot of wear, oil drips and heavy weight rolling over them, thus this paint is generally ideal for garages and kitchen floors. This particular paint does not need a primer, so it can be applied directly over the floor. It is very sticky, and can adhere to concrete without any help at all. This particular paint, due to its sticky and heavy appearance, might not be a good paint to use for your interior flooring. Since this particular paint is known for its durability and strength, it usually costs more than the other types of white paints, such as the oil and latex floor paints.

2. Oil Paint

The oil paint has a noticeable sheen when applied to any flooring material of your home. A lot of oil paints contain polyurethane, which also adds to its durability. Due to its enamel coating, the paint stays shiny, but it is still strong and resilient enough to combat wear and tear brought about by heavy traffic. Before this particular paint is applied, it is important that the flooring material’s surface be sanded down, in order to remove the rough edges on the floor. Moreover, this particular type of white paint also works best if an enamel primer is applied first. This particular type of floor paint works well both indoors and outdoors, and on different types of wooden surfaces, concrete and primed metal.

3. Latex Paint

White latex floor paint has a satin finish, a very low sheen on the flooring material. This type of paint also offers protection, due to the presence of acrylic finish instead of a polyurethane finish. Latex paints are also very easy to clean, with soap and water, thus this type of paint is perfect for areas in your home where large amounts of mess are often evident, such as the kitchen and garage. This type of paint is fast drying, and it does not require a primer prior to its application.