3 Bullnose Options for Your Pool

There is a variety of bullnose finish options for the edge of your pool. A bullnose edge creates a rounded or softer edge to many surfaces, and is particularly desirable on the edges of the pool due to the high potential for bumps against it. It also creates a beautiful, polished, and clean look to the edge of the pool. The choices for materials and finishes is extensive, so making a selection will largely revolve around the budget set for the project, and narrowing your choices within that. The most affordable options is aluminum, and the most luxurious is marble or natural stone. Here we will discuss 3 types of bullnose finish options: aluminum, brick and concrete.


Aluminum bullnose coping is a good choice for those on a tight budget when installing a new pool or refurbishing an existing one. Aluminum coping is workable and flexible in a way that stone or concrete is not. Aluminum is the most affordable option of all, but will not achieve the same look and feel that brick, stone or concrete bullnose coping does. Aluminum coping can be customized with color, as it can and probably should be painted to a color that compliments your outdoor pool area. It will not last as long as some of the other options, so you will want to consider if the savings add up as much with the decreased lifespan.

Brick or Concrete

Brick bullnose coping comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors and is a great, yet affordable option. While the overall cost is going to be a good bit higher than aluminum, it is a good middle ground material in terms of the budget. There is an almost endless range of options when choosing colors, and can range from a light sand color through reds and tans to near black, but all will be neutral colors. No bright blues will be available in brick. Concrete is another option as it can be pre-fabricated, and comes in long lengths, cutting down on the installation. Concrete can also be custom cast to the specifications needed for your pools curves and design. Concrete too is a good middle ground option in terms of price, and many pool owners go this route.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is perhaps the most elegant of finishes, and quite possibly the most beautiful. Materials also come in a wide variety, including marble and flagstone. They are the most expensive of options though, so many homeowners choose to incorporate some natural stone into the bullnose coping, for example around the spa only, as opposed to the entire area. Many natural stone choices will integrate nicely with brick or concrete, and can help to create a nice touch and break up the monotony of a solid brick or concrete pool edge.