3 Car Stereo Wiring Tips

Car stereo wiring needn't be a job you need to call in a professional for. Although car stereo wiring can be complex, these handy tips should help you along your way. 

Tip 1 - Use a Wiring Interface

If your car has existing steering wheel mounted controls, you will find it easier to use an already pre-built wiring interface that can simply be plugged in to the mounting plate. 

Tip 2 - Use the Right Wiring Harness

Sadly the electrical connectors in cars aren't standard fittings. Most car models have their own style of electrical connectors so in order to fit a car stereo correctly, you need to make sure you use a wiring harness that is right for the make and model of your car. Using a wiring harness will eliminate the need to cut the wires in your car in order to fit a new stereo. 

Tip 3 - Follow the Radio Color Code

Each stereo will have its own wiring and color code information that goes with it. For each speaker and control, a stereo will have a different colored wire and wire pin. A list of these colors will generally be provided by the manufacturer. If you are wiring a stereo without using a wiring interface and harness then make a note of the color code together with the color code of the new stereo.