3 Causes of a Leaking Tub Faucet

earth design water drop falling from a faucet

A leaking tub faucet is a common home improvement necessity. Through a variety of reasons, the faucet on your tub can begin to leak small drips of water. Such a leak in your tub faucet can cause costly water bills over time or repairs to the floor and wall from water damage. Here are some of the causes of a leaking tub faucet and how to repair them.

1 - Loose Handles

One of the problems with tub faucets is that the handles work their way loose over time. The constant twisting loosens the screws, or the small nuts that hold them tight. The fix for this cause is to simply tighten the loose part.

2 - Failing "O" Rings

Inside the faucet handles there are small "O" rings that will deteriorate as time goes on. The chemicals in the water will react with the plastic, or the rubber, and cause them to fail. Replacing them is an easy task and should be done as soon as you see that the faucet is leaking.

3 - Hard Water Build Up

If your home has some harder water, you will begin to see that the build up on the inside of the pipes, valves, and other working parts will cause a leaking tub faucet. You can clean this out by removing the handle and soaking it in some hard water cleaner.