3 Coin Display Case Design Ideas

A coin display case is the perfect way to show off your collectibles. There are many subtle ideas that can be used to allow you to present your coins with a flourish.

By Date

A great way to display your coins is to arrange them in chronological order. This will allow you to track the history of specific coins and it will allow other enthusiasts to view your collection as a story. This should not be difficult to do because the vast majority of coins will have a date written on the surface.

Identical Coins

A common problem for many coin collectors is having more than one of the same coin. This can cause storage and clutter problems if you do not find an effective way of displaying them. Try placing them side by side inside cabinets with one facing up and one facing down. This allows the viewer to take a complete look at the coin without having to reach inside the display case to pick up the coin.

Remember Maintenance

Always remember to carry out regular maintenance on your display cases. A good polish of the case can make it more appealing. Wiping away dust that may have crept inside a display case will preserve the unique look of a coin for longer.