3 Common Air Conditioner Fan Problems to Avoid

There are at least 3 problems with your air conditioner fan that may occur during the operation of your air conditioner. Many of these problems may be avoided through regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner. Specific advice on avoiding the 3 common problems that can occur with your air conditioner fan are described below in this article. The 3 problems with your air conditioner fan include it not working, not circulating air and shutting off during the middle of an operation. These problems can generally be avoided by performing regular maintenance and cleaning operations on the air conditioner; at least at the start of the time you look to use the air conditioner and the period when you remove the window unit for winter storage.

Service Bulletins and Warranties

Some of the common problems to avoid regarding the operation of your air conditioner fan may also be the result of a manufacturer defect or other problem that occurred at the factory prior to shipment. In the case of a manufacturer defect you should locate any and all service bulletins for your brand of air conditioners and see if any reported problems with the fan are similar to a problem that you have experienced or if the problem is for the model air conditioner that you own.

Avoid the Fan Not Working

The air conditioning fan not working properly may indicate the build up of sludge or debris that is affecting the way in which the fan motor is working. A power flush performed at least once a year will greatly reduce the ling term build up of sludge and help keep the fan motor free of the sludge and debris that will affect the way it powers the fan. If you do not perform some type of ritualistic cleaning to clear the sludge build up that can occur, you will not be able to avoid this problem from occurring.

Avoid Fan Not Circulating Air

One of the simplest way to avoid the problem of the air conditioner not properly circulating air in the room in which the window unit is installed is to remove any item, such as a bookcase or shelf, that may obstruct the flow of air. This will allow the fan to work more efficiently when circulating air and make sure that the room is being sufficiently cooled.

Other problems that may cause the fan not to effectively circulate air can be resolved through the annual or semi-annual power flush of the air conditioner to remove dirt and sludge.

Avoid Fan Shutting Off

As part of the regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit, you should have the fan inspected in order to determine if there is any damage that may cause the fan to shut down during operation. Your inspection can look at the condition of the fan, make sure that the blades are not broken or chipped and determine if any part of the air conditioner's fan needs to be repaired or replaced.