3 Common Boat Deck Repairs

a boat deck

There are 3 common deck repairs that boats require. These repairs include sealing cracks in the deck, replacing warped or damaged deck boards and replacing a rotted boat deck. Each of these repairs involves a varying degree of difficulty. Common repairs can be handled by using the appropriate tools and applying the right skills in order to repair your boat deck.

Sealing Cracks in the Boat Deck

Sealing cracks in the boat deck is the simplest of the common boat deck repairs. Cracks can develop over time with normal wear and tear and aging. As they develop, they will become bigger and create more problems for you as you use the boat.

In order to repair the cracks on your boat deck you need to seal the cracks. Try to seal them as early as possible to avoid having them become larger. You will need to sand the cracks and use an epoxy material in order to seal the boat deck's cracks. Epoxy sealant can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be used to repair the boat deck. Ask for information about the epoxy that is best for the types of cracks you have on the deck of your boat.

Replacing Warped or Damaged Boat Deck Boards

The deck boards can also become warped or damaged over time due to weathering and use. As the deck boards become warped and curl up, this will cause the deck to become unstable and eventually unusable. Before the boat's deck reaches a point where the deck boards start to come up, you will need to pull them up and replace them.

New boards can be purchased from a lumber yard or home improvement center. The types of deck boards that you use should be based on the type of material used in the original deck boards. Use wood, composite wood or fiberglass in the materials for your deck board to match you boat's deck. You will also need the appropriate tools such as a nail gun or screw gun and the right fastener in order to attach the boards. A pry bar is also needed to pull up the old deck boards and remove them from the boat deck. This type of task is a moderate level do-it-yourself job.

Replacing a Rotting Boat Deck

As the deck boards crack or warp, they may also begin to rot and become unusable. The rotting can be accelerated by the wood used on the deck being improperly treated or not the right type of materials to use on a boat deck. When the signs of rotting are present and noticeable, the entire boat deck needs to be replaced in order to restore the boat deck to its proper state.

New deck boards and framing materials, including joists and joist hangers will need to be purchased. Pry up all of the old boards and remove them before installing the replacement boards. This job may be take a very long time so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete.