3 Common Causes of a Sagging Vinyl Gutter

If you are looking at your vinyl gutter, and noticing a slight sag in one corner, you may be concerned about the amount of damage which has occurred to your guttering. Vinyl gutters are cheap and effective, but sometimes they can be easily damaged, and this will result in them sometimes sagging.

1. Bolt Loss

If the vinyl gutter is sagging, it is often the case that it has come away from the bracket support which is used to hold up the gutter. After heavy rains, the vinyl can become too much for the bracket, and it will break away from the wall. Replacing the bracket can fix this problem.

2. Warping

A more serious problem with your gutter could be the result of warping. Vinyl is sometimes over sensitive to very cold weather, and this can cause it to warp and crack. Warping could make the vinyl gutter appear to be sagging, which is a serious problem during winter, as it is needed to carry water to the downspout. Replace it immediately.

3. Melting

At the other end of the seasons, very warm weather can cause the vinyl to melt. Direct sunlight and plastic vinyl just don't go, and if the vinyl has melted, and appears to be sagging, you will have to replace it.