3 Common Chimney Cowl Problems

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A chimney cowl is a very neat and convenient solution to addressing noises, downdraft and nesting birds that may plague your chimney. However, there are a number of potential problems that you can encounter with your chimney cowl.

Birds in Chimney Cowls

Although one of the very purposes of installing a chimney cowl is to prevent birds from making their nests in chimney pots, some designs actually attract birds to do just that. The round, balloon-shaped cowl chimney cowl is among the least expensive on the market, designed so that you only need to insert the cowl into the chimney. However, its design allows birds to still be able to rest on top of it, making it less efficient.

To permanently solve your problem of birds meddling with your chimneys, install a cowl that effectively discourages them from hanging around. Try the conical cowl, which has a geometric design makes it terribly difficult for birds to sit on top of it.

Spinning Chimney Cowl Stops Spinning

One type of chimney cowl revolves, helping to increase draft inside your chimney flue which consequently retards the action of “puff downs” or downdrafts. Spinning chimney cowls are perfect for houses that are situated in hilly regions which make them the likeliest victims for downdrafts. The only problem is that with time, these spinning chimney cowls spin slower and slower until they ultimately stop revolving. How do you solve this problem then?

When your chimney cowl stops spinning, honestly speaking, you should just buy a new chimney cowl rather than attempting to recycle and fix the damaged one. However, if you want to lengthen the lifespan of your existing spinning chimney cowl, you need to place a lot of oil on the different hinges and screws of your spinning chimney cowl. Lubricating the different parts is the only way for you to keep your spinning chimney cowl from developing screw or pellet problems.

Chimney Cowls for Active Chimneys

You must be able to select the right chimney cowl for your chimney. Some chimneys can not be used once a cowl is installed. This is because the cowl covers the entire pot so there is nowhere for the smoke and gasses to pass through. Often the decision to buy such kind of chimney cowl stems from the fact that you are so excited to get rid of draft, bird, and noise that you go purchase the most extreme cowl there is. But you do not have to. You can purchase an anti-roosting spike for your cowl that will prevent birds from making your chimney their home or a chimney rain cowl that will prevent water and downdraughts from traveling down your chimney without prohibiting you from using the stove.