3 Common Electric Fireplace Insert Problems Explained

An electric fireplace insert acts as an effective source of heat for your home. More than that, it is safe and clean. You can place the insert switch on the wall for operating it in the fireplace for easy access to internal on and off control. The inserts are available in electronic or hardware stores, and you should consider the size, voltage, residence and wattage capacity while purchasing an electric fireplace insert. In case there is a problem with your electric fireplace, there are certain areas you should examine, such as installation, fixture and compatibility with the electrical appliance. Here are a few areas to consider.

Soot Discharge

Soot or grunge is a major problem faced during an electric fireplace insert. If the insert expels too much gas, deal with the damper first. There might be obstructions in your chimney which hinders draft. The problem might also occur when the air mixing orifice contains the inappropriate size. Moreover, the room could be too air tight. In that case, you need to crack a window.

Put the insert in an ideal location so that it can make optimum usage of the draft. This is why recommending a chimney cleaning is suggested before putting in the insert.

Check the Control Issues

The one reason why people go for an electric fireplace is that it allows the user absolute control on all the aspects of installation. However, despite that, at times, adjusting the level of the heat becomes difficult on account of internal problems that require experts to fix. This may even interfere as far as adjusting the brightness is concerned.

Beware of High Consumption of Electricity

The electric fireplace insert may have a contemporary appearance, but then it tells on your pocket as well. There are these huge electricity bills to take care of. This means that the setup requires a dedicated electrical circuit since the device consumes a lot of electricity. In case you are using the electric fireplace insert as the primary heating device, make it a point to check into yet another alternative since the amount of heat generated is much less than that of a fireplace insert that is powered by natural gas or propane.

Is the Illusion Worth It?

Perhaps the electrical fireplace inserts are not enough as actual wooden fireplace substitutes. This is because some consumers are not satisfied with the appearance of the fireplace, although newer models are looking into the issue of fire burning. However, you can’t say that the virtual thing ever surpasses the real one.

Space Heating

The electrical fireplace is nothing short of a space heater. In fact, these are just high end devices that only enhance the appeal of your home. When it comes to actual heating, the results are less than satisfactory. Those looking for aesthetic appeal can go for the wooden or propane heaters that are also easy to afford than the up-to-the-minute electric fireplace inserts.