3 Common Hot Water Circulation Pump Problems

circulation pump will help provide hot water within a second or two. This is most useful in those times when you are in a hurry and need hot water fast. Also, it can save on water costs because you will be using much less. While these pumps can offer great conveniences, they can also cause some issues. Knowing the most common problems will help you get your hot water circulation pump up and running again soon.

Cold Radiator

One of the most common problems that you will run into with a hot water circulation pump is that the radiator is not warm during installation. This can defeat the purpose of even having one. The best way to fix a cool radiator and barely warm water is to go through all of the places that your pipes and valves are insulated. They can be running into cold areas, like crawl spaces and other unlikely places.

Boiler Too Hot

Sometimes instead the boiler gets too hot. This can be dangerous and can cause a lot of issues with your pump. Also check the pressure of your boiler. Both high and low pressure can cause a lot of issues. Boiler problems can be fixed fairly easily. If the pressure is too low, (anything below 12 psi) you more than likely have a faulty valve. This will need to be adjusted, or in some cases replaced all together. If the pressure is too high, there may be cracks in the coil of your water heater. You will need to keep an eye out for water that is anywhere near or below the valve.

Losing Air 

An expansion tank can sometimes lose air. This can cause it to become waterlogged and can keep it from being able to do its job.

Unfortunately, if an expansion tank becomes water logged, you will have to call for professional help.