3 Common Issues that Come Up During Ductwork Installation 3 Common Issues that Come Up During Ductwork Installation

During ductwork installation, there are many things to consider and watch out for. Some of the most common issues and errors in the process of installing ductwork can be addressed and prevented with proper guidance and care.

Issue # 1 – Leaking Ducts

A major complaint of homeowners is high energy bills and ineffective heating or air conditioning. A common cause of these two issues is a leak in the ductwork. While still in the installation process of your ductwork, you need to pay special attention to your ducts to make sure there is no potential for air leaks. Be certain to pay extra attention to area where ducts turn or fasten together.

Issue # 2- Non-Insulated Ducts

Another issue that is common during the installation of ductwork is the lack of insulation. Every duct that is installed into a basement or unconditioned space needs to be insulated. Otherwise, that exposed duct will lower the coolness or hotness of the air traveling through it.

Issue # 3 – Improperly Used Flex Duct

Many installations of ductwork utilizing flex duct are completed improperly. Flex ducts should only be utilized in tight, straight runs. If you ever see flex duct that is sagging, you know it was installed improperly.

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