3 Common Mistakes in Building a Multi-Level Deck

Building a multi level deck is a lot of work and there is no doubt a great sense of satisfaction that you'll feel when you look at the finished project and also have others admire your handiwork. There are obviously a lot of details and steps involved in the actual building of the deck, but there are some very common mistakes that can easily be avoided before you even start the project that will make your life a lot easier.

Plan and Design First

Before purchasing any materials, make sure your have a clear idea of the design that you want as well as the plans all written down. This will avoid any confusion down the line after construction has started.

Check with the Local Building Authority

You need to be sure that the plans you have for your structure meet the local building codes before you get too attached to any particular idea.

Notify Your Neighbors

It can save a lot of headache down the line if you give your neighbors a heads up about the pending construction and it will make it a lot easier to have them cooperate with you if you need their help with trucks getting access to certain areas of the property.