3 Common Problems Found in a Deep Well Pump

A deep well pump, also called a vertical turbine pump, is used for lifting water from deep, small-diameter wells. A few known problems are associated with using a deep well pump. Here is a look at the most common ones.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling is the term for a deep well pump that turns on and off too rapidly. Short cycling is usually caused by loss of air charge in the water tank or a defective water pressure control switch. The most common is the loss of air charge and can be remedied by draining the water out of the tank or using the water tank air valve.

2. No Water Pressure

This can be either low water pressure resulting in weak flow or complete lack of water. The leading causes are leaks in the pipes or problems with the pump’s electrical motor. Burnt fuses or circuit breakers will fail to supply power, leading to no water being pumped.

3. Bad Motor Control Switch

Having clogged tubing or burned out contacts in the motor can lead to bad control switches. The motor will either overheat or burn a fuse because of the extra pressure needed to move the water. In severe cases the motor can burn out completely and the deep well pump will have to be replaced or repaired.