3 Common Problems With a Closed Home Water System 3 Common Problems With a Closed Home Water System

A closed home water system has an isolated setup that allows it to function independently. The self-contained and self-maintaining design of this system does not allow for free exchange with outside environment so many people believe that this system rarely experience problems. Unfortunately, like any other types of home water systems, the closed system can run into problems. Below are some of the most common problems experienced by a closed home water system.


Although a close system is rarely exposed to outside contaminant that does not mean that it is not at risk of fouling. Studies show that microbiological fouling often occurs in a closed home water system due to leaks on the pump seals and in the pipes.

Loss of Pressure

A closed home water system relies on pressure to deliver water to different parts of the home. In most cases, this type of system uses water pump to pump the water up to an overhead tank. From the overhead tank, the water is then distributed through the house using gravity. This system works most of the time but there are instances when you loose water pressure due to leaks in the valves so you end up with no water in different parts of the house.

Leaking Air Vents

Vents that are designed to remove trapped dissolved gases from your closed home water system can leak and cause problems on your system. Leaking air vents do not just weaken the water pressure in your system; it can also accelerate corrosion in your piping system. 

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