3 Common Toilet Tank Lever Problems

The toilet tank lever is the primary cause of many of the problems one may face with a toilet that is not properly operating. Luckily, none of these problems are that difficult to fix. The following article will give a rundown of the most common toilet problems associated with the toilet tank lever. In addition to listing some of these common problems; solutions will also be included.

The Tanks Fills, but Water Still Runs

This problem is very common and can even happen to brand new toilets. You can flush the toilet and you can hear that it is filling but it never seems to stop filling. Most people will automatically begin juggling the handle and many times that will cause the toilet to fill all the way as it should and then stop filling. Over time, this can happen again. There are 2 very real problems that cause this issue.

Remove the top of the toilet and lift on the floater arm. Sometimes water will get inside the float causing it to weigh too much to be halfway above the water line. This means the water will still continue to flow. If you lift the float arm up and the water continues to flow, then there is a problem with the intake valve. You will need to turn the water off and replace the valve according to directions on the replacement valve.

Water Runs, but the Tank Does Not Fill

This is the second most common issue that toilets have which can cause homeowners to panic that the toilet is severely broken or there is a leak that is going to damage the home. Neither fear is accurate, and the problem is easily fixed. The lift wire and rod that lowers and raises the float ball can become bent as well as corroded. Simply use steel wool to smooth over the corrosion or bend the arm until it is straight.

Other solutions may be that the float ball is old and worn and the rubber has hardened. Replace the ball to fix the problem. A misalignment may also be the problem where the guide arm is not lining up correctly. Loosen the screws in the arm and adjust the guide until the ball is over the seat then tighten the screws. The ball seat may also be corroded and uneven. Drain the tank and smooth the seat out with steel wool.

Toilet Does Not Properly Flush

If you've flushed the toilet but had to hold the handle down for it to continue flushing, then there may be a problem with the trip lever. The lever is inside the tank and is at an angle. Push the handle down with the toilet lid off. If the lever doesn't move freely from the sides of the tank, then bend the arm down slightly near the center. Try the handle periodically during the bending of the level until you get a proper flushing cycle. You do not want to run the risk of bending the lever too far.