3 Companions to Plant with an Oriental Poppy

Oriental poppy plants have a dormant season, usually during the peak of summer. Because of this, planting them alone can leave a void when they aren’t in bloom. There are, however, companion plants you can cultivate along with your Oriental poppy plant, and these can help camouflage the holes made by poppy dormancy.

1: Baby’s Breath

Used as a filler for floral arrangements in most flower shops and departments, Baby’s Breath flowers are a great filler for your garden. Even in the event of your poppies not being in bloom, the spray of tiny white blossoms are still an attractive addition to your garden. When the poppies are in bloom, however, Baby’s Breath acts just like it does in a bought-and-paid-for flower arrangement, by providing a soft backdrop for the vivid colors of your poppies.

2: Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris flowers are also brightly hued, vivid, and hardy. These are the types of colorful flowers that seem to grow like wildflowers, though a bit more controlled. If you plant your poppies behind some Siberian Iris, you can camouflage the void.

3: Nicotiana

Related to nightshade and tobacco, Nicotiana plants are 5-point flowers that typically grow lower to the ground. This too can help cover up any void or empty space from your dormant poppies, and can add a kaleidoscope of color to your garden.

You can plant one companion, or many companions to your poppies. Mix the colors up, make your garden bright, and enjoy the beauty nature creates in flower blossoms.