3 Corner Floating Shelf Ideas 3 Corner Floating Shelf Ideas

Installing a corner floating shelf can be a great space-saving alternative to traditional shelving units. Although floating shelves are not designed to hold heavy amounts of weight, they can provide a pleasant aesthetic appearance to any room. 

Shelf Shapes

When planning to build a corner shelf, consider the shape that is desired. With a basic saw, the shelf can be cut into various shapes, including triangular, wavy, rounded or geometric. The triangular cut would give a straight appearance when placed into the corner, whereas the geometric shape would look similar to that of a half-shaped octagon. 

Shelf Materials

Corner floating shelves can be constructed from wood, metal, glass or bamboo. The most common types of wood include oak, plywood, mahogany, maple and pine. If the shelves are being constructed from wood, then a wood stain, sealer and/or paint will also be needed to complete the project.

Shelf Arrangement

The possibilities for shelf arrangement are only limited to one’s personal choice. The shelves can be constructed of slightly varying sizes, descending in order from small to large, which would give a unique look with added depth. The shelves can also be made the same size, giving a clean-cut appearance. 

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