3 Costly Fireplace Installation Mistakes 3 Costly Fireplace Installation Mistakes

Many people who try to do fireplace installation often make costly mistakes. After all, we are only human and sometimes projects work out well on paper and in our minds, then when we try to do what’s expected, things can and sometimes do go wrong.

Here are a few ways to avoid costly mistakes when installing a new fireplace.

  1. Checking the local building regulations or the installation of a fireplace could be the main step in insuring things will work out better than if you didn’t. Many states have rules and regulations that need to be followed to install the fireplace safely.
  2. Talk to a competent builder or chimney sweep to seek advice and possibly help with some of the labor.
  3. Checking the flue for soundness is the most important step in insuring the safety of the fireplace. The flue is the vertical shaft that draws the smoke and fumes from the inside of the fireplace. If the flue is not correctly installed, the toxic gases created by fireplaces, both gas and wood, can escape into the living quarters. If this happens, the costly mistake could take the lives of your family and pets by filling the room with carbon monoxide, overtaking the supply of oxygen in the room. To be on the safe side, the chimney and flue should be inspected by a professional.

By remembering these three steps, you are well on your way to avoiding costly mistakes.

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