3 Crawl Space Heating Tips


There are many ways to heat a crawl space; however, not all of them are equally effective. You will waste both energy and money if you heat your crawlspace inefficiently. Follow these easy tips to keep your crawlspace warm and save energy.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant heat flooring involves having special devices underneath your floor which radiate heat. Radiant heat flooring systems can vary. Many involve pumping hot water through your floor. Others use hot air or electricity to heat the floor on the spot. All three will keep your crawl space much warmer. While radiant heat flooring is typically installed prior to a home's construction, it is possible to put a new system in an existing structure.


Insulating your crawl space keeps it warm by preserving heat from your house. When insulating your crawl space to keep in heat from your house, do not insulate the floor of your home or the ceiling of your crawl space. Doing so will keep heat from your home out of the crawlspace. Insulate the walls thoroughly to keep the heat inside your home and crawl space.


Install vents crawl space to circulate air from your house into the crawlspace. That, combined with insulation, will heat your crawl space efficiently.