3 Creative Uses for an Old Wine Rack

A wine rack is used to store and organize wine. These racks can be made using different materials ranging from wood to metal. Wine racks can be used in wine cellars, but are also used in homes for personal collections. Wine racks also make for good inexpensive gifts. If you want to recycle or reuse an old wine rack, you should first repair it with glue, varnish, paint or whatever else it needs. After renewing the condition of the rack and making it respectably usable, you can put it to many different uses. Consider converting it into stand to hold bath towels or using it as a book rack, a shoe rack, a utensil stand or a clothes organizer. Follow the steps below to creatively reuse your old wine rack.

1. Book Rack

A refurbished wine rack can be used as a book rack. It is a great way to store and organize books. Depending upon the rack, the books can be strategically placed for ease of access and priority. The separators and the different shelves make it amazingly easy to place books in a prescribed order and manage them. Indexing the shelf can be extremely useful in converting the rack into a mini-library. The conversion depends heavily on the size and style of the rack.

A wine rack is a great way to store magazines and newspapers. The magazines and newspapers can be folded and put into the slots in an organized manner. Storing print material in such a way makes it easy for future reference. The rack can also act as a mail separator in large families.

2. Towel Rack

You can use a rack in the bathroom to store various items. From towels to washcloths, a rack can handle a lot of stuff according to its capacity. Towels are specially well-suited for the wine-rack as they can be placed separately rolled up according to use. Towels can be organized from hand towels to bath towels.The rack can also be used to hold other toiletries like extra soaps, shampoos and air fresheners.

    3. Kitchen Rack

      You can reuse a wine rackĀ  in the kitchen to hold utensils and cutlery. It can be painted to match the color scheme of the kitchen to improve the aesthetics in there. The rack can hold any kitchen towels and old rags. It can be specially useful in holding canned food and various bottled beverages. Any small appliances can easily be stored in the rack with all the other things.