3 Crucial Worm Farming Facts 3 Crucial Worm Farming Facts

Worm farming is a composting technique that can be done in a small container. This container can be made from wood or plastic, but it needs a lid to help keep the compost out of sight and to contain any odors that may develop. However, you will need to keep the lid vented so that your worms have oxygen to breathe.

Fact #1 – Red Worms Work The Best

The best type of worm to use when worm farming is to the red worm. Earthworm farming is different from compost worm farming, and earthworms are really not appropriate for composting. However, red worms, which are also called “red wrigglers”, are more adept at consuming vegetarian food scraps than earthworms. These worms are also able to consume half their body weight in vegetarian food scraps each day.

Fact #2 – Newspaper Can Be Used to Start Your Worm Farm

The best way to start your worm farm is to tear up the black and white pages of a newspaper and moisten the pieces. Then you can add these papers to the bottom of your worm farm container. Next you will add two cups of garden soil and the crushed egg shells from two hard boiled eggs.

Fact #3 – Vegetarian Food Scraps Are the Best

Only feed your red worms vegetarian scraps. Meat and fatty foods will produce odors and attract pests like insects. Don’t use salty food or foods that are too acidic when worm farming.

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