3 Curtain Ideas to Brighten Any Room

If you are tired of your old rooms looking the same, perhaps you need some curtain ideas to help liven things up! There are a wide variety of ideas that will allow you to get the look and bright feel that you want within your room.

For the Bathroom
If your bathroom is looking a little plain, you might want to purchase a unique shower curtain.  There are shower curtains that come in all sorts of prints and designs, allowing you to find one to fit your personality.  They are also great when you want to liven up a child's bathroom or even bedroom!

Choose the Right Fabric
Certain fabrics can negatively affect your rooms. If you want something that brightens up the room and looks stylish, then you will want to look into using lighter, softer fabrics.  You can use all natural curtains, or even some cotton curtains, to liven everything up!

Try out a Pattern
Patterns are becoming quite popular these days, and many people are looking for the right pattern for their curtains.  These are great for the bedrooms, and can even be utilized in your bathroom as well.