3 Deck Storage Ideas 3 Deck Storage Ideas

If you're in need of an additional area to store household items, consider using your deck for storage. Without cluttering it up, a deck offers several storage possibilities. Here are 3 deck storage ideas you might try.

1. Under the Deck

Under deck storage is one possibility for utilizing your deck in ways you may not have considered. If your deck has any clearance underneath it, your things can be stored there in waterproof bins. If you're storing things you would normally keep inside, invest a little money in containers that will keep water out. Depending on the amount of space under the deck, you may be able to install a closing gate to hide your storage and add an attractive feature to your deck. If the amount of space underneath is as large as the deck itself, you have access to the same square footage in storage space as the deck provides.

2. Deck Bench

A deck storage bench is another option. A storage bench serves two purposes, a storage area and a functional bench. If you only have a few items that need to be stored, a bench might be the way to go. It is very unobtrusive, and because it can be designed to match your décor, it will fit right in. This method for deck storage gives you limited storage space, but it's perfect when your needs are small and you want to add an attractive seat to your deck. As an added bonus, if the bench is watertight, you can store things that might otherwise be damaged by water.

3. Deck Shelves

A third option is deck shelves. If there is room on your deck for a set of shelves, it is another good idea for storing things outside. Once again, because it is exposed to the elements, storing perishable things will not do. Arrange your deck shelves so that they are out of the way, and keep them uncluttered by storing sealable bins on them. It is important that the shelves not take up too much room, so your deck still has the space you like. You can even install doors on the shelves to further enclose the storage area, blending it in with the surrounding furniture and aesthetic features.

When you are in need of extra storage space, using your deck in one of the three ways mentioned is a good idea. Whether it’s underneath or on the deck in a storage bench or shelves, a deck offers a lot of extra room. The number one rule is to keep it uncluttered. You don’t want it looking like a storage closet. If you do use the deck for storage, the best thing to do is hide the items being stored so nothing looks out of place.

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