3 Different Styles for a Wooden Post Sign 3 Different Styles for a Wooden Post Sign

A wooden post sign is an effective and attractive way to show directions to a location in cottage country, small town or rural areas. They also work well to identify a company or someone's home by the owner's name or house number and street name. There are a variety of different wooden post sign styles. Here's a look at the most common.

1. The Planed Sign

This type of wooden sign is a simple piece of planed and sanded wood in most often the shape of a rectangle but also occasionally in the shape of a square. The edges are sanded smooth. Text is either stamped or routered onto the board. Occasionally a routered or stamped square or rectangle goes around the text. The planed wooden post sign are typically displayed using two one-inch by one-inch planed pegs that extend 18 inches below the sign. They're attached to the back of the sign with screws. The pegs are hammered into the ground.

2. The  Shaped Arrow Sign

This type of sign is a rectangle shape with a shape arrow on one end pointing to the location the sign is about. It tends to be narrow with smaller text that's either stamped onto or routered into the wood. The single shaped wooden arrow sign works best when the readers don't have to see the sign from far away. The sign often has text on both sides and rarely has any images. It's usually attached to a six-foot post with a post cap on the top. The post can be a lower grade wooded treated with brown or black preservative to make it look good. The sign itself is most often standard wood color with text stained dark. But it can also be made out of painted wood (like wood painted white) with black text stained or stamped on the surface.

Sometimes several shaped arrow signs are put onto a single wooden post. If several signs are required, the post will need to be taller and wider.

3. The Hanging Sign With Arm

A slightly fancier looking sign, the hanging sign with arm can add a sense of class to any wooden post sign. The downside with this type of sign is that it can swing around wildly in high winds. And the noise can sound eerie on a dark night and may scare friendly wildlife like birds in rural or cottage country.

This sign begins with usually a seven foot post that's three inches square with a two foot arm attached to one side of it. The arm has hooks and chains onto which is attached the actual sign. The sign is usually rectangular and narrow with crisp angles and simple, easy-to-read text either stamped onto the wood or routered into it.

The hanging sign with arm is most often used to show  a number and street address for residential locations. But it could work for more casual commercial places as well. Larger signs require thicker and usually longer posts. Posts are capped in a piece of wood that's stained the same color as the post and arm or a flattering contrasting color. The arm can have basic straight edges or be cut on a 45-degree angle on one side.

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