3 Different Sumac Varieties

Sumac often brings to mind the dreaded poison sumac; however there are several varieties of this tree that are non-poisonous along with those that are. Creating stunning fall foliage, sumac trees are well known throughout the country, but especially in New England where their presence becomes all the more noticeable at leaf change. Here are three common varieties:

Sumac Variety #1: Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn sumac is a popular variety of sumac extremely common throughout New England. Reaching anywhere from 18 feet to 35 feet, these super tall trees are named aptly due to their hairy branches’ similarity to the velvety texture of deer antlers

Sumac Variety #2: Smooth Sumac

Smooth sumac is another variety of sumac tree, also with some serious height. Topping out at about 10 feet, this sumac has a smoother trunk and bark and is well known for its incredible fall foliage. Both the smooth sumac and the staghorn sumac grow in areas with well-drained soils.

Sumac Variety #3: Poison Sumac

Poison sumac is the kind of sumac that many people think of when they hear the word sumac and there are few varieties of poison sumac. A poison sumac looks similar to its non-poisonous relatives except that they have small white berries that hang down in the fall compared to non-poison ones that grow upright red berries.