3 Different Types of Band Saw Tires

Band saw tires will need to be replaced periodically. You can extend the life of the tires by keeping them clean and tuning the saw up every now and then. But still, there will come a day when you need new tires. There are several kinds available. Here's a quick overview.

Urethane Tires

Urethane tires are the most popular types of tires available for a band saw. They are more durable and longer lasting than traditional rubber tires. The urethane material is more flexible by nature, and this can increase the performance of the saw blade. Most of these tires are made in a bright color, which makes inspecting the blade easier. Most urethane tires can be installed without using a glue or adhesive. You'll pay a little extra for a urethane tire, but since they last longer and are easier to install, most people don't mind paying a little bit more for them. You can find urethane tires at all home improvement stores and at a variety of shops online.

Rubber Tires

Many people still like to use rubber tires on their band saw. A high quality rubber can last as long as urethane. Rubber also gives better traction and crowning for the blade. Rubber is also cheaper, so replacing the tire isn't as costly when you use rubber. Rubber is prone to stretching, unlike some of the other materials available. If you are looking for rubber tires, you will find 2 different types. Synthetic rubber, which is more durable and not as prone to stretching, or natural rubber. If you don't mind changing your tires more often, the natural rubber tends to be more popular.

Refurbished Tires

Many older band saws can pose a challenge with tires. The sizes can be vastly different from what is commonly available, and installation may be more challenging. The simple, albeit costly, way around this is sending the tires out to be refurbished. The old tire is fit in to a mold, and rubber or urethane can be added. This creates a new tire surface. Many companies who offer this will also take care of the balancing and gluing of the refurbished tire. While many new band saw tires will be under $50, refurbishing old tires can range anywhere from $100 to $800 depending on the size, the shape of the tire, and whether you are choosing to have it balanced and glued. For those who use their saw often, this expense can add up quickly. It may be worth it to invest in a new band saw all together if this looks like it may be the case.


Before you purchase a new band saw tire, you need to know what size to use. You can do this easily by taking the old tire with you as reference. Both types of tires will be available in many sizes, so you can find one to custom fit your machine. Odd-sized tires can also be custom-made if necessary.