3 Different Types of Ceiling Fan Pull Strings 3 Different Types of Ceiling Fan Pull Strings

Ceiling fan pull strings are still a common occurrence on ceiling fans, even for fans that are operated by a remote control. Pull chains make it much easier to use a ceiling fan and also add a design element to the fan. It's possible to change the look of a ceiling fan just by replacing the pull chain.

If you want to change the look of a room, doing something to an existing ceiling fan may be a good way to start. For example, you can change the look of a room from one style to another by replacing the current pull chain of your ceiling fan with a new design. If you have a pull chain in a rustic style, you could replace it with a contemporary pull chain for a more modern look.

1. Contemporary Pull Chains

This type of pull chain is sleek and modern looking. It is usually metallic in color and simplistic in design. A contemporary pull chain looks good in a room designed in a similar style.

2. Rustic Pull Chains

Rustic pull strings can be cheesy or well-made. If you want a homier look to your kitchen, for example, a rustic pull string in the design of a tractor is one way to change the look of the room.

3. Painted Pull Strings

You can spray paint or decoupage a pull chain to give is some texture. Choose a color that matches the décor of the room. A textured pull chain can add a lot of interest to a room.

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