3 Different Types of Chain Link Fence Posts Explained

There are different kinds of chain link fence posts available. These posts may be steel post, wooden post, concrete post or vinyl post. While setting the fences, there are two kinds of posts that are set to connect the fences; these are terminal fences which are used for end to end connection or gate posts and line posts which are between the line posts to provide an additional support to the fence. Chain link fences have been used for residential decorations, animal fences and commercial uses. Depending on your budget, you can opt for various types and designs. Below are some options based on the materials of the fences available. To decide on to which posts is suitable, let’s discuss each of these post types individually.

1. Steel Fence Posts

Steel fence post, are also denoted as T-post, a Y-post, Star Post and are fabricated using rail steel. They are available in various sizes and all along the length they have studs or nubs to prevent the chain link fence from sliding down. Steel fences are preferred when a permanent fencing is required. Steel posts are lighter in weight, fireproof, durable and its installation are easy to do. The benefits of steel posts make them advantageous over the other posts. However, because of its pricey tag, steel fence posts are not popularly used.

2. Plastic Fence Posts

These are the most recent types of fence posts that are available in the market. Plastic chain link posts are available in 20 to 30 foot rolls and have a standard height ranging between 3 to 12 feet . These fence posts offer many advantages over traditional posts .Plastic chain link posts will not corrode, oxidize, fade or peel in any weather. This characteristic of the plastic posts makes them the most preferred for all weather use. This fencing is much durable than the other fencing and as they are available in wide range of color, use can mix match them in your favorite combinations to give a pleasing and elegant look.

3. Wooden Fence Posts

These are the most popularly used fence posts and may range from short wooden poles to "split" country style and some may also be factory-made round posts with pointed ends. Wooden posts may be generally be 4 inches in diameter and their length may range somewhere between 7 feet to 10 feet or longer. Wooden fences are normally preferred to give a rustic look to your surrounding and cannot be used when a permanent fence is required. These fence posts are prone to wear and tear, affected by the weather changes and are fire prone, all of which makes their use limited. However, because they are the most budget-friendly of the choices in the market, they are the most popular choice.

The type you choose depends on the purpose of your fences, whether the fence is purely decorative or it is built to keep the stray animal away or as an wire guard.