3 Different Types of Slate Deck Tiles

Slate deck tiles can give your patio an attractive, sophisticated and natural look. There are different types available at your local home improvement store. 

Slate Interlocking Deck Tile 

For a simple installation free of grout or adhesives, interlocking deck tile is an excellent choice. It is bonded to a plastic base and snaps together without special tools. The mesh base allows for water drainage. Individual tiles are 12 by 12 inches in size. 

Slate Paver: Slate Paving Stones and Slate Planking Pavers 

There are two types of slate pavers: slate paving stones and slate planking pavers. Both types come in cuts ranging from 6 by 6 inch to 24 by 24 inch. They are slip-resistant and durable. Installation is more complicated than it is with interlocking slate deck tiles, as it involves using mortar, grout and a sealing agent.

Slate paving stones give you various options for designing the lay out of your walkway or patio because they come in a range of sizes but with consistent depth.

Slate planking pavers imitate the look of wood planking but they give you the strength of stone. They can be cut for arrangement into a particular pattern. They are smooth and flat on the bottom for easy installation.