3 Different Varieties of Celery

Celery is easy to grow in almost all climates. There are many varieties of celery to choose from if you decide to plant it in your garden. There are even varieties that grow underwater.  Here are some basic tips for choosing the celery that's right for you.

Wild Celery

Wild celery is probably not something most people want to grow in a garden. In fact, even though it's related to the celery family, it's nothing like the celery most of us are used to seeing. These plants grow underwater. They are common to see in natural ponds as a form of filtration. It's not a plant to grow if you want an edible variety.

Celery Stalks

The traditional form of celery for a garden is the traditional celery stalk. This grows well in most areas of the country. It doesn't do so well in extreme climates.


Celeriac is a form of celery commonly known as celery root. These are root vegetables, and the root itself is what is typically eaten. When full grown, the celeriac root can be the size of a large potato. The flavor is mild, and is used in flavoring soups, steps, casseroles, and can even be mashed and served as a side dish.