3 Discount Hot Tub Cover Ideas

There are several discount hot tub cover options to consider that can be more attractive to look at and easier on your wallet than what you would find at a high end dealer. Because many townships enforced ASTM compliance for hot tubs, you always want to make sure your cover is up to code, but here are some ideas for keeping your hot tub safe and clean and relaxing.

 1 – Cover Your Purchase 

Most hot tub dealers will offer you a good cover for a greatly discounted price if you buy it with the tub. It may take some haggling but if you set aside a little extra money you can start out with a top of the line cover. Purchasing a cover with the hot tub may also qualify you for a better warranty so you will save money down the line on repairs. Many hot tubs already come with covers and even if they are not the best quality they will keep you up to code.

 2 – Spruce up a Cheap Cover

Lower quality covers come at a low cost, but you usually get what you pay for (which is sometimes nothing). They don’t always stay on, they wear and tear easily, and they can be very ugly. To avoid turning your relaxing retreat into a dirty eyesore, consider sprucing it up to match your landscaping. You can build an attractive cover for your cover with simple decking wood, or inset your hot tub into your deck and construct a pull away cover over top of it. You can secure your cover by framing your hot tub in and attaching locking brackets to keep your cover on. The options are endless for making your cheap cover into a beautiful part of your retreat.

 3 – Shop Around 

There are as many discount hot tub cover dealers as there are expensive dealers, maybe more. Don’t buy your hot tub cover from the first store you stop into. Go online and check out the competition. There are over 4 million hits on Google for “discount hot tub covers” and some of them offer some great prices along with free shipping and life time warranties. Be sure to do your research and be sure to buy from a reputable dealer.

4 – Local Ads

Check you local ads daily and you can come away with a fantastic steal. People are constantly upgrading, downgrading, or ending up with the wrong fit. Don’t ever agree to purchase before you see what it is you are buying, and make sure when you find something you want, you move fast. You can also find liquidations in the ads, where high end companies are selling off inventory for next to nothing. You may be lucky enough to find that top of the line cover for next to nothing.

It is important to be sure your cover is up to code, no matter what kind of cover you choose. ASTM compliant covers will not only keep your hot tub clean and safe, but also prevent you from having to pay a hefty fine down the line.