3 Diseases that Harm a Yucca

Yucca plants are very slow growing, but require minimal maintenance. They require a lot of sun and dry air to flourish.

Over Watering

Sometimes it is just a case of over watering your yucca. If there appears to be root rot, this could be from over watering. If the plant has a soft root and yellow leaves this could be a sign that you are over watering. Rot could also be because of lack of sun.


  • Brown leaf spot attacks the older leaves on your yucca plant. Controlling this is as simple as removing the infected leaves.
  • Bacterial soft rot consists of a mushy rot on the bottom end of a cutting. Your yucca could even begin to have a rotten or fishy odor. Using stricter sanitation and cleaner cuttings can fix this problem.
  • Fusarium stem rot is one of the more common diseases. You will notice the stem ends become rotted. This will destroy the leaves as well. You will need to use new, sterilized pots to get rid of this disease.


Brown leaf spot is usually caused by overhead watering. Bacterial soft rot is caused by watering directly on the leaves and cutting the plant with un-sanitized utensils. Fursarium stem rot is caused by fusarium, which is a type of fungus.