3 DIY Nursery Art Projects 3 DIY Nursery Art Projects

Nursery art is a great way to bring life to your baby’s room. Adding personalized nursery art projects can make your baby’s room beautiful. There are a few ways to spruce up a nursery; this article will introduce a few simple solutions like murals, banners and snow globes.

1. Murals

Murals are no longer reserved for topnotch artists only. There are many mural templates that are specifically designed for nurseries and can be found online. You can choose from a wide variety of mural stencils, wall decal stickers, and even paint-by-number designs. Before you make a choice, you must first decide what kind of theme you would want to have in your nursery. Whatever it is, you can always find something that is suitable for the design you have in mind.

You can add in 3-D crafts to make the design three dimensional. These decorative elements can be anything from foam shapes, glitter paint, jewel stones or shells. If you are confident with your artistic skills, paint the walls of your baby’s nursery with a masterpiece that tells more about your family or a favorite story.

2. Banner

A handprint banner is another great way to decorate your baby’s nursery. To do this project, you will need cardstock, scissors, hole puncher, ribbon and washable and non-toxic paint. Start by painting your baby’s hand. Stamp the palm onto the cardstock. Make sure to leave sufficient space in between the hand prints. Once the prints have dried, you can cut them out by tracing the handprint. Make sure that you leave thick white border around the hand prints when you cut them. Using a hole puncher, make two holes on the left and right corners of the hand print top edge. Thread the long ribbon through the hand prints until you have a long banner. Hang the banner on the top area of the walls around the room.

3. Snow Globes Made of Baby Food Jars

One fun way to recycle baby food jars is to make snow globes. For this project, you will need baby food jars, lids, glue, polymer clay, glitter, water, white vinegar and toy that can fit inside the jar. Roll a ball from the clay and press it hard onto the lid. See if the lid still fits into the jar by putting the lid back. Put it out again to glue the bottom part of the toy into the clay. In the jar, add water and glitter. Put a drop of white vinegar or tea tree oil to keep molds from forming. Put the lid back into the jar tightly to avoid leaks. Now, if you turn the jar upside down, you now have a snow globe.

There are many unique ways to add character to your baby's nursery. You can use your imagination for paintings, banners, pictures, blankets and other unique projects.

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